Become a Sailor

  • ශ්‍රී ලංකා නිත්‍ය නාවික හමුදාවේ කිමිදුම් අංශයේ නාවිකයන් සඳහා ඇබෑර්තු


      Avenues open for career as a Sailor

      Non-Artificer Sailors
      Artificer Sailors
      * Seaman * Engine Room Artificer
      * Diver * Radio Electrical Artificer
      * Naval Patrolman * Electrical Artificer
      * Communicator * Shipwright Artificer
      * Musician * Civil Engineering Artificer
      * Physical Training Instructor * Auto-Mobile Artificer
      * Provost  
      * Special Boat Squadron  
      * Transport Assistant  
      * Engineering Mechanic  
      * Engineering Mechanic - Hull  
      * Engineering Mechanic - Work Service  
      * Engineering Mechanic - Tradesman  
      * Electrician Mate  
      * Radio Electrician Mate  
      * Supply Assistant  
      * Writer  
      * Catering Assistant  
      * Mess Assistant  
      * Medical Assistant  
      * Dental Assistant  
      * Information Technology  

      Sailors' basic training ( approximately six months ) is conducted at Advanced Naval Training Center (Nipuna), Naval Recruit Training Center (Shiksha), SLNS Gemunu (Welisara), SLNS Ruhuna (Tangalle) and SLNS Vijaya (Kalpitiya) . This basic training will be followed by "on-the-job" training onboard fleet units and at shore establishments.

      Non-Artificer Training

      Basic training, of about 6 months will be followed by the "on-the-job" training (both ashore & afloat) and advanced training (sub specialization) of 6 to 12 months, either locally or abroad.

      Artificer Training

      On completion of 3 to 6 months of basic training, Artificer training is provided either locally or abroad which will confer a Diploma in Naval Engineering in the specified fields to those successfully complete this training.

      Eligibility for Sailors
      * Citizen of Sri Lanka * Weight 105 lbs
      * Unmarried * Chest 32 inches
      * Age between 18-22 years * Vision STD II distance 6/6 each eye
      * Height minimum 5' 3"  

      Service Benefits

      To increase the welfare and well being of the officers and sailors in Sri Lanka Navy with the aim of boosting up the morale and enhancing the productivity, following services and welfare measures have being organized

      Free Meals, Accommodation, Uniforms and Traveling

      All officers and sailors receive meals, lodging, uniforms and traveling free of charge.

      Medical & Dental Care

      Practitioners and facilities are available to all members and their families.


      Avenues are opened to excel at international level in any sport include Shooting and Sailing.


      After completing a period of service, Government loan benefits can be obtained. Holiday Resorts Navy encourages Naval families to proceed to Naval holiday resorts available island wide.